Crayola is, once again, adding a whole new level of creativity to the arts and crafts category with the new Crayon Carver. Now kids can customize their favorite crayon colors to either use or display as their own art project.

The process is relatively simple. You start off with a crayon color of your choosing and use the wrapper ripper to peel off the wrapper. Honestly, the tool is a little hard to use and can get stuck on the wax of the crayon, so parents may need to help out with this step for the younger creators. Then, peel off the crayon’s wrapper completely, stick on the adjustor ends, and place ii above the tray in the machine.

Then you can pick out up to nine tiles to create a phrase—“<3 my BFF,” “Its a boy,” or, as I made for Marissa, “#princess.” When you’re all finished setting up the tiles, you just click the on button and use the stylus to trace them. This is the GREAT part about the Crayola Crayon Carver: No little hands ever need to be near the actual carving tool. By guiding the stylus through the tiles, you are actually guiding the carving tool it’s connected to. Super safe and super fun!

After you’ve traced all the tiles, turn off the machine and use the brush to dust off the crayon shavings while it’s still in the tray. Then, leaving the machine off, trace through the tiles again, and the carving tool will pull out the other loose shavings left over, leaving you with a nice, neat, clean carving on your crayon!

With the Crayon Carver, Crayola is adding creativity and customization to kids’ actual art tools, which can spark imaginations, allowing them to create whole new projects. Kids (and adults) can make gifts, art projects, crafts, and more that will be the envy of all Pinterest-ers out there.