Anyone down for a chocolate chip cookie? How about a banana cupcake? Or maybe some lime sorbet?

No need to choose because calories don’t count with the Crayola Color Wonder Mess-Free Scented Stampers.

The set comes with a booklet of 12 blank coloring pages, five scented markers, a scented inkpad, and five stamps featuring designs of cookies, cupcakes, ice cream cones, lollipops, and donuts.

The markers and inkpad are not only dessert-themed, but also dessert-scented, making coloring more interactive and multi-faceted than a typical pack of markers. It’s like a scratch and sniff–except it’s a color and sniff, so scents such as chocolate and cherry will waft off the page, just like you’re walking past the local bakery.

Red = cherry 🍒

Yellow = banana 🍌

Orange = orange 🍊

Blue = blueberry 🔵

Green = lime 💚

Brown = chocolate 🍫

The markers smell so good, I’m tempted to draw on my skin so that I can smell like a donut shop all day. But instead but instead of being weird, I’ll draw on the Color Wonder paper instead, maybe after making a pit stop at Dunkin Donuts to satisfy my sudden urge for a chocolate chip blueberry muffin. Plus, the markers only draw on the Color Wonder paper, so it won’t make a mess on your skin, furniture, floors, walls, clothes, etc.

The stamps are designed for kids ages 3 and up and are super easy to use. All kids have to do is pop the design into the stamper handle, press it into the chocolate-scented ink pad, and stamp it onto the paper. Or they can color directly on the stamps with the different colored markers if they want to create multi-colored confections. And of course kids can always go freestyle and use the markers to draw their own designs on the paper. It encourages young kids to be creative, without any complicated instructions or technology getting in the way.

It’s a compact and mess-free way to play, making it an ideal travel activity to keep kids entertained in airports, on long car rides, or in hotel rooms. Just pack it all up, and take your creativity on the go!