Once upon a time, kids painted with watercolors and made a mess everywhere, leaving us with a new trend in home decor: the “I have kids, sorry” style.  The folks at Crayola understood the struggle of having rainbow carpet stains and smudged up walls and gifted us the Color Wonder Magic Light Brush.

If you’re not familiar with Crayola’s Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring, it involves a collection of specially made Crayola products that only reveal their color on the unique Color Wonder paper. These products won’t work anywhere else, leaving our homes free of paint stains. However, this new Color Wonder Magic Brush does that and more. TBH, it’s basically a brush taken out of a fairytale.

The Color Wonder Magic Light Brush has the ability to light up the color it currently has on its bristles. Therefore, if a kid dips his or her paintbrush into the green paint pod, the bristles will glow green. Yes, before you even ask, it is indeed #lit in every way possible.

To emphasize how magical this brush truly is, it’s important to know that Color Wonder paint is a colorless gel. This particular set comes with six paint pods that all look clear, but magically reveal a color as kids paint on the special paper. Therefore, the blue paint and the yellow paint can’t be distinguished from each other except by the color marked on their respective lids. With this new magic light brush, it’s almost as if Crayola has configured a SMART brush, because once the bristles detect the paint color, they’ll light up to match it, that way, kids know exactly what color they are painting with. 

It’s spectacular. Kids will “ooh” and ‘ahh” over this enchanting paint set. To power this paint brush, three AA batteries are needed. However, the batteries only power the brush, as the colorless paint will still work on the paper with or without the brush. After painting on the Color Wonder paper, kids will wait one to two seconds before the paint develops its real color. Another win: the paint dries in less than one minute.

Finally, to test out the validity of the paint, I brushed some on a piece of college-ruled looseleaf paper and it did not show at all. Voila. Color Wonder Paint only works on Color Wonder Paper and, well, that’s the most magical part for parents. The set includes an 18 page book of Color Wonder Paper for kids to paint their masterpieces in, with plenty of refill packs sold separately to keep the creative magic going.