If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Back by popular demand, the original Cranium Cadoo, from Winning Moves Games, will continue to be a game night staple for years to come. The kids’ party game first made its debut more than 15 years ago, and now kids everywhere can join in on the fun. 

Cranium Cadoo challenges kids to complete a variety of hilarious activities that force them to think, create, and act outside the box. The first to get four tokens in a row—whether it’s across, up, down, or diagonally—on the gameboard wins.

To get the game going, the first player rolls the die. It will land on either a Solo or Combo command, which will instruct the player which stack of cards to draw from. Solo Cards require the player to complete the task independently, while Combo Cards are a group effort. When a Combo Card is drawn, not only can the player who draws the card earn a token, but the first player to guess correctly will also earn a token. That said, when it’s crunch time and you are THIS close to winning the game, players can only complete their four-in-a-row win when they draw a Solo Card.

Once a player reads the task on the card out loud and is ready to complete it, flip the timer over and let the games begin! Tasks on the Solo Cards include double meanie, fast find, code cracker, minimax, and ace observer. The cards will challenge kids to use their  homonym skills, get up and find specific items that fit the description listed, and solve brain teasers and trivia questions.

Players can draw three different types of silly tasks on the Combo Card: cameo, cloodle, and sculptorades. These challenges will force kids to act out, draw, or mold clay into whatever is listed as the secret word. When completing a Combo Card challenge, the player that draws the card acts out the secret word, and the other players try to be the first to guess what the action is.

Additionally, players will have to use the super cool decoder mask to either see the secret word on a Combo Card, or to reveal the answer on the back of a Solo Card. If the player successfully completes the task on a Solo Card, he or she may place one token on whatever spot he or she fancies. If a task on a Combo Card is fulfilled, the player that picked the card chooses a spot on the gameboard to place a token, and the player that called out the right answer places their token on top of it. 

Cranium Cadoo calls for kids to put their creativity in overdrive. The race is on to be the first to get four-in-a-row, and players will have to work against the clock and use their noggins to create and solve different scenarios.