Who doesn’t love a good snack in bed?

From Winnings Moves Games, Crackers In My Bed is a matching game for kids with a twist. The game includes a game board with stand-up bear headboard, 32 color-coded cracker card tops, 16 cracker card bottoms, and an oversized spinner that’s ideal for little hands.

To start, kids ages 4 and up can insert all of the cracker top cards into the slots of the bear’s bed. There are red, green, blue, and yellow card tops. Once kids place all of the cracker tops into the bed, they can begin looking for pairs that match the cracker bottom cards in front of them.

After spinning the oversized spinner and landing on a color, little ones can remove a cracker card of the same color. If the cracker top matches one of their bottom cracker cards, they can “feed” their match to the very hungry bear by inserting it through his mouth. There are a variety of different cracker styles to match, including rounded-edge crackers, wavy-edged crackers, and even crackers shaped like animals.

If kids pull a cracker top card that doesn’t match one of their cracker bottoms, they have no choice but to insert it back into the bed. This is where memory skills will be put to the test, as opponents will have to do their best to remember the location of desired cracker tops. The first player to find matches for all of their cracker bottoms and feed them to the bear wins the game.

Crackers In My Bed is a unique twist on an otherwise classic memory-matching game. And with no reading required, kids on the younger end of the scale can partake in the fun. Little ones will have a blast outsmarting their opponents as they improve their concentration, train their visual memory, and boost their attention to detail.