Dig Dug Counter-Cades

Ever since Arcade1Up hit the scene with its 3/4-scale arcade cabinets, gamers of all ages have been enamored by the tantalizing prospect of bringing the classic arcade experience home. For many, that’s also presented a bit of a problem: limited space to build a home arcade. Fortunately, big fun now comes in a smaller size thanks to the new Arcade1Up Counter-Cades — tabletop versions of arcade classics, including Namco Pac-Man, Atari Centipede, Taito Space Invaders, and Namco Dig Dug.

Arcade1Up Counter-Cades

Right out of the box, the Counter-Cades are ready to play with no assembly required; simply plug it into an AC outlet. Each Counter-Cade features the original, iconic game artwork that players loved in the ’80s, adorning a cabinet with an 8-inch, full-color LCD screen.

The “real feel” arcade controls and buttons add to the authentic experience that takes gamers back to a simpler time of button-mashing and whipping on the joystick.

Arcade1Up Counter-Cades

One of the best features is that each machine features two-in-one gameplay, so you get Pac & Pal with Pac-Man, Dig Dug II with Dig Dug, Missile Command with Centipede, and Space Invaders Color with Space Invaders Original. Games are accessed from the start screen.

The Counter-Cades are small without being too small, which means they look and feel like there’s some real substance there. And as the name implies, you can line ’em up on a counter (pictured above) or set ’em up on a table to let family and friends get a taste of some real arcade action! Arcade1Up has the retro space on lock, but with Counter-Cades that space is a little more accessible to a wider audience.