Hollywood Hair Studio

Get ready for your close-up because it’s time to hit the red carpet. And Spin Master’s new Cool Maker Hollywood Hair Studio is your glam squad.

This new activity set from Spin Master’s Cool Maker line lets kids make their manes fabulous with unique hair extensions. Kids can color and design the colorful, patterned ribbons that come included in the kit, load them into the machine, and watch as it creates a beautiful hair extension in just minutes.

The kit is designed for kids ages 8 and up, but younger kids may need some grown-up assistance feeding the ribbon into the machine at the beginning. But for the most part, it truly is as easy as loading it up and pressing a button.

Hollywood Hair Studio

In addition to the extension-making machine, you also get 12 ribbons to create hair extensions, a curling wand base with two hair rollers (the different barrels make different types of curls), five multicolor hair clips, two markers to decorate your extensions, extension holders, and a spray bottle. Quite literally, everything you need comes in the box, plus, it all packs up in the bottom of the machine for easy storage in between glam sessions.

Once kids have created their unique extensions, they can use everything else to express themselves with a fun hairstyle. The rollers allow for tight curls, beachy waves, Hollywood curls, or sleek straight hair. Kids can get step-by-step instructions on how to use the rollers in the included guidebook.

When it comes to styling, the no-heat iron is simple to use. Kids can choose a foam barrel roller depending on what kind of look they’d like, and then simply wrap their hair extension tightly around it. Then, they use the included spray bottle to spray it with water until it is wet. Then, they let it dry before clipping it into their hair.

The key to the best curls that stay styled is to let it dry completely. The instructions recommend to let it dry for two hours, but as long as possible to make sure it’s fully dry is best. If you’re too eager, and remove your extensions too early, they won’t hold the curl for a long time. For best results, I’ve found it’s best to make sure the extension is wet — not just damp — to begin with, and then you allow enough time for it to fully dry.

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Once kids have created and styled their hair extension, they are ready to hit the runway! The extensions clip in easily —and stay put! The ribbons turn into soft hair extensions that will add a pop of color and flair to your hair in a way that expresses your own unique style.

Whether you’re walking the red carpet or adding a little extra “fabulous” to your favorite sweats, the Cool Maker Hollywood Hair Studio makes it easy for you to feel like a star.