BTS Cookie character designs to be revealed. | Source: Devsisters

A sugary and buttery combination is cooking as the Cookie Run mobile game and BTS team up for the “Braver Together” event. 

For the uninitiated, BTS is an incredibly popular Korean pop (K-pop) band. Though they’re far from the first, they are arguably the most popular. Chart-topping hits like “Butter” and “Dynamite” cemented the band as a domestic and international success. Part of the band’s appeal is its large group size — fans are eager to choose a favorite of the seven members.

Cookie Run is a series of mobile games developed by Devsisters with the main premise of cookies running to get away from the oven in the central “Breakout” game mode. The series expanded with many more game modes as it increased in popularity, including entire spin-off games. The game Cookie Run: Kingdom features both city-building and battles, and has a story as well as collectible, voice-acted cookie characters. This character collection is a central appeal of the game, and much like having a favorite BTS member, everyone has a favorite cookie. 

The Cookie Run: Kingdom Twitter often features art of favorite cookies by fans. | Source: Cookie Run

The “Braver Together” collaboration event will turn the BTS members into their own cookie characters. Players can build and explore maps specifically themed to BTS, learn new lore, and attend an in-game concert at the end of the event.

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Catch all the teaser content that will be revealed from Sep. 23-30 on Cookie Run: Kingdom’s official Twitter and YouTube. Get the inside scoop on BTS’ cookie character designs and other elements of the event, and get yourself ready to collect some cookies.