Hasbro‘s Connect 4 has been a favorite for generations. Players drop their discs into the vertical game board and must try to get four in a row—either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal—without being interrupted by a disc from their opponent. The first player to connect four wins.

Winning Moves has taken this classic game and added a fun new twist. In Connect 4 Twist & Turn, two players ages 6 and up employ the same object of play as the original in that they must get four in a row to win. But in this version, the game board has been transformed into a vertical cylinder, with rotating rows that players can twist on their turn to drop a disc into a new slot. Of course, twisting one row drops all the discs in that row and above, so players must decide carefully when and where to twist. We all know the instant feeling of regret when accidentally providing an opponent with an opening to connect their own four—or missing the chance to block them—in the original game. Connect 4 Twist & Turn adds to the challenge with its 360-degree “game board,” which requires more strategy and attention to detail to execute the perfect strategy to win the game.

A classic game is always a great choice when getting together with friends and family, and a revamped classic is even more fun. Connect 4 Twist & Turn doesn’t disappoint, combining familiarity, strategy, and fun in a twisted new way.