Oooooh boy. We got our hands on the newest version of Connect 4, and I’ll never go back to the old ways again.

Hasbro’s Connect 4 Shots is an upgrade for those with a super competitive nature * ahem * (me). Instead of taking turns to out-strategize your opponent, this version of the classic game brings two players head-to-head in a fast-paced, ball-bouncing battle that creates Connect 4 chaos.

First time setup is easy: Just snap in the feet, and slide the back up to create the ramp. Once it’s set up the first time, it’s all self-contained, so you’re ready to play right away the next time. When you’re done, fold the grid up into a convenient storage case, so you can take the ball-bouncing madness on the go, and crush your opponents any time, anywhere.

Once you’re ready, let the pandemonium begin! Players try to create the classic Connect 4 patterns (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) by bouncing their colored ping-pong balls onto the table and into the grid. The challenge lies in both players bouncing their balls at the same time, instead of taking turns.

The result is chaotic fun. In addition to the strategy of creating your own line of four, you also have to aim to block the other person’s—all while they’re doing the same thing. Any ball on the table or floor is fair game, but if it’s in the grid, or stuck on the ramp, players cannot re-bounce it. The first player to bounce four in a row is the winner!

But what if there’s a tie and you’re both out of balls? No worries! The included orange ball is the tiebreaker ball. Players take turns to throw the orange ball, and whoever sinks it in the grid first, wins.

Because of the versatility of the game play, you can add your own rules to make it more challenging. There is no set distance to bounce from, so move it father away for an extra challenge. Or, come up with your own rules, such as players can only use one hand, or get even more creative.

Connect 4 Shots combines everything you love about the classic game with a new, fun twist. So get out there and bounce ‘em in for the win!

The game will be available for purchase in the fall.