Squish Away Stress with the Glitzy Spa

Now you don’t even have to leave your house for the ultimate spa experience—and this is one you won’t soon forget.

With the Compound Kings Glitzy Spa, from WeCool, kids can create their very own slimy spa session. This set comes with a vibrating foot massager and more than a pound of WeCool’s Glitzy Slime. ICYMI: The Glitzy slime is stretchy, squishy, purple, sparkly fun. Kids can add the slime into the tub part and stick their feet in and squish it around.

Caution: It is slimy. It seems like an obvious warning, but the squishy slime is, well, slime, so make sure that you’ve got something readily available to clean off your feet as soon as your done.

While it may seem weird to stick your feet into a tub full of slime, the result is surprisingly satisfying. The smushy foot bath is cool and quite relaxing. Enter into full relaxation mode when you switch on the vibrating bar for a foot massage.

Plus, once you’re done with your day at the spa, you’ve got more than a pound of slime to play with. Like all WeCool slime, the Glitzy slime stretches and squishes for tons of tactile play—an extra stress reliever.

This spa is recommended for kids ages 4 and up, but it also makes a great gift for older kids as well—especially for those teens and tweens that are tough to buy for. It’s perfect for sleepovers or just a relaxing night in.



Manufacturer: WeCool
MSRP: $29.99

4 Responses to “Squish Away Stress with the Glitzy Spa”

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  2. 5 Year olds would absolutely love it…but it’s not really a practical gift idea for 12 year olds since… my feet didn’t really fit in the massage bin, and well… I got this, and I am 12 going on 13. The slime itself is squishy, yet satisfying. Just make sure that your feet aren’t warm, as it will melt the slime. Always remember to look at the age range of a toy that has teenagers on the box because that is how they advertise it so …. to all the dad’s reading this, don’t expect that your 12 year old will like a gift just because some cool teenagers on the box liked it. Overall though, it’s a great gift! 😊


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