From parties to playtime, the Mix & Mash 5 Stack Donut packs on the compound fun! | Source: WeCool Toys/the Toy Insider

It’s time to mash and mix slime — and this unique five-stack of compound containers is the perfect kit to keep kids playing for hours!

The Compound Kings Mix & Mash 5 Stack Donut variety pack from WeCool Toys is a fun combination of compounds. There is something for every weekday — from fluff and slime to mix-ins, charms, tinsel, and scents.

The beautifully scented Fluffy Cloudz in purple grape, a Whipped Pink option in a strawberry, and a Glitzy Tinselz tin in a fun, teal-colored Tutti Fruitti scent. Alternatively, try one of the two colorful mix-ins with a rainbow of your kids’ favorite beads or colorful charms.

Mix and match scents and charms for compound fun with the Mix & Mash 5 Stack Donut! | Source: WeCool Toys

All of the compounds are premade and ready for tactile fun! Each container stores the compound creations into a neat stackable set. Alternatively, you can separate them from gifting individual containers for easy stockings stuffers for less than $2 each. Since they come in a stack, they can make fun compound centerpieces at a party. They can be separated for party favors or part of the party fun.

When kids are finished playing, they can store the compounds in each container to play another day. However, they can also mix and match to expand their imagination to make a unique compound of their very own.

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While compounds are cool, they can also be valuable rewards for good behavior, educational tools, and sensory play patterns. For example, kids can make pretend foods from the compounds as part of pretend play. Perhaps, therapists can use the compounds as part of sensory socialization as kids work through different textures and tactile touch.

Whatever the use, for party planning or professional patterning, these are a great way to introduce scents and sensory support to a part of parties or play!