Every fairy needs to earn his or her wings!

The Colour-A-Costume Butterfly Fairy Wings set, from Great Pretenders, lets kids ages 3 and up customize their very own set of fluttery wings. One side of these wings has a printed blank canvas, like a life-sized page of an enchanting coloring book.

This set comes with eight colored markers for complete personalization and a few gems kids can use to bedazzle their wings. These markers are of really high quality, and I was so pleased with how bright and vibrant the different hues showed up on the fabric!

The other side of the wings is made from a beautiful, purple satin with a really luxurious feel. The double-sided feature gives this set extra value because kids can wear their wings to match whatever moods and outfits they have going on that day.

While most costume pieces are usually delicate, Great Pretenders created these to be durable and able to withstand how kids play. The wings are machine washable, so if little fairy princesses are flying around the garden and get a little dirt on their wings, mom or dad can easily wash it all away.

Not only is the Colour-A-Costume Butterfly Fairy Wings set a charming activity toy for kids to thoughtfully color, but it also gives kids a really cute costume piece that they can wear for Halloween or during imaginative play.