Dive into Bathtime Fun with Colors of the Sea Ariel

Colors of the Sea Ariel 3

Bathtime just got a whole lot more colorful.

New innovative technology makes Jakks Pacific’s new Colors of the Sea Ariel your kid’s new favorite bath toy.

Ariel isn’t your normal, run of the mill bath toy. Water-activation technology lets her reveal a magical light show inside her tail when she’s placed in water. And quite honestly, it looks super magical. Her tail contains lights that don’t just light up, but also spin and change colors, so that it truly looks like a fun light show. She also sings “Part of Your World” and speaks 14 phrases, so kids can relive their favorite Little Mermaid moments.

Double bonus: She’s bilingual; she speaks and sings in both English and Spanish.

Besides all of that, the doll herself is just gorgeous. She’s got long, flowing, bright red locks that allow for tons of hair play. Although she does not come with a brush to tame her mane, her high-quality doll hair can be cleaned up or styled with any doll brush you already have lying around your house. Her big eyes are reflective, so they have more depth than simply being painted on. Plus her outfit is absolutely adorable—a bright purple top with a cute pearl trim. It’s reminiscent of the outfit we picture Ariel in, without being exactly the same as all of the other Little Mermaid dolls you may have lying around.

Ariel also comes with her little buddy Flounder, who is also a bath toy, squirting water so kids can have more bathtime fun! She also makes for a fun doll outside of the tub as well. Pressing on her seashell necklace activates her light show on land, so kids can engage in imaginative play with their favorite Disney princess anytime. And, at a relatively low price point, that’s great play value.

Overall, your little Disney Princess lover will absolutely adore this super fun doll and won’t want to take a bath without her. Move over, Rubber Ducky. There’s a new bathtime favorite in town.



Manufacturer: Jakks Pacific
MSRP: 34.99

2 Responses to “Dive into Bathtime Fun with Colors of the Sea Ariel”

  1. My daughter loves this doll. She sings along with her and carries her all around. Ariel is absolutely adorable. She loves playing with the doll. However it is being advertised as a bath toy, but it can NOT be submerged in the bath water. After my daughter had done so, the dolls sound got lower and had a static noise when she sang after being put under the water as well as the motor for the lights you can hear it humming after bath time. I would not recommend this toy for bath time. But I would recommend it as a regular toy!! As my daughter truly loves this doll!


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