Colorforms Silly Faces GameThe classic Colorforms Silly Faces Game from Kahootz returns to make family game night even sillier.

The board game makes learning fun for kids ages 3 and up. Two to six players compete to build their silly face first and win the game. Kids can make any face they want, like a pirate with rainbow hair or a wizard with star-shaped sunglasses, to put their creativity to work. 

Setup is simple by just dealing out silly face cards to each player. The youngest player spins first. When the spinner lands on a face space, players choose a Colorforms piece from that category and stick it onto his or her silly face card. If the players land on the swap space, they must swap silly face cards with another player to have a new face and potentially move ahead in the game.

But, avoid the un-stick space, or you’ll lose one of the face pieces and have to replace it on the corresponding Colorforms sheet. If players land on a face space they already have, they can choose to take another piece in that category to switch up the funny look.Silly Face Game

Silly Faces is perfect for kids who are learning colors, shapes, and parts of the face. The colorful and wacky Colorforms pieces keep kids engaged in the game and learning experience. The game also helps kids reinforce their lessons from school while bringing the family together to create even more lasting memories with Colorforms.

Kahootz brings the superb quality and creative fun of its nostalgic Colorform kits to this board game with a revamped look, which features kids’ favorite characters from the Netflix original series Charlie’s Colorforms City. The vinyl pieces are still so durable that little hands can’t rip them easily. They can withstand hours of gameplay without getting too dirty, but are quick to clean by wiping them down with a wet paper towel and replacing them on their Colorform sheets when the game is over. Kids and parents can easily peel and stick the pieces again to play even more fun rounds. 

For only $19.99, it’s worth it to take the Colorforms Silly Faces Game for a spin.