coji_wowweeOver the course of the past few years, emojis have crept their way into everyday communication. So much so, that they have basically become the primary language of the 21st century. Happy? Mad? Sad? Excited? There’s an emoji for that, and then some. So, it only makes sense that kids should learn the basics of coding through the universal language of today’s generation. Coji (Coding with Emojis), from WowWee, is the miniature robotic emoji-coding machine you never knew you needed in your life (insert heart-eyes emoji).

Coji is an easy-to-control robot that reacts to commands that kids send using Coji, the free-to-play app. With six different modes—Free Play, Macro Maze, Sequence Says, Command Center, Loop Run, and Drive—kids an learn the basics of coding, including how to make sequences, loops, and more.

For example, in the Sequence Says mode, Coji will display a series of emojis on his LED screen and kids must repeat them in the order they see. When kids play in Macro Maze mode, they must use coding to guide Coji through various obstacles and different locations. As they navigate their miniature robot through the levels, they will gain programming knowledge along they way. For example, at the park, kids must properly code Coji to make sure that he works his way around the puddles, umbrellas, and other obstacles that stand in his way.

In Free Play mode, junior coders can send Coji emoji commands and he will not only react to them, but he will send kids a reply in the app. Basically, you and Coji could go back and forth in emojicaiton for hours and hours of fun.

Another fun way to use Coji is in the Drive mode. Here, coders can drive Coji around the house and use him to send emojis to family members to communicate. Now, kids won’t even have to waste time and let mom and dad know they are hungry, they can simply send Coji with the right emojis and there message will be heard loud and clear.

Macro Mode is a bit of a more advance mode. Here, kids can use different emojis to create a string of instructions to have the tiny bot perform them all in one task. Kids can also save their Macros and use them continuously when they play with Coji in the app.That being said, Coji also has preloaded emojis so that kids can still play with him even outside of the app. The side buttons on the tiny robot allow kids to sift through different emojis before they choose one for Coji to act out.

WowWee’s emoji-bot is a simple way to kick-start kids’ interest in basic STEM concepts. When they play along with Coji, they’ll pick up basic coding concepts in fun and easy-to-understand way. If you ask me, that calls for one, big thumbs up emoji.