It can be difficult to pull kids away from TVs, iPads, and the other countless devices that keep them glued to screens.

Codi the Storytelling Robot from Pillar Learning is an interactive and screen-free alternative to engage kids with more than 200 songs and stories that will expand their imaginations.

Parents have total control over what their kids will hear with customizable content based on age and interests. The content is timely, featuring songs and stories about changes at school and virtual trick-or-treating to adapt kids to what’s going on in the world. Codi is 8.5 inches tall and features a light-up antenna and ears that can change colors, as well as a soft outfit that kids can dress it in.

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Codi features an accompanying mobile app that provides full parental control and a closer look at kids’ developmental progress. Parents can use the app to administer lessons, leave voice messages, and set daily routines, such as naptime, cleaning up, or getting ready for school. Codi can play all saved songs and stories offline as well.

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