There’s no better way to spice up a dinner party, game night, or rainy day than a good ol’ fashioned murder mystery!

Whether you’re a regular Sherlock Holmes or just your average amateur sleuth, it’s time to put on those detective hats and get hot on the case with Clue: Master Detective from Winning Moves Games.

There’s been a terrible tragedy at Boddy Manor! Someone in or around the mansion murdered Mr. Boddy. In order to solve this classic ‘whodunit,’ players must get acquainted with the suspects, a curious and colorful group of characters that appear to be clean cut—but one of them is hiding something. It will take three to 10 players ages 10 and up to follow the clues and investigate all 12 murder-locations, secret passages, eight murder weapons and 10 suspects. The first player to figure out who killed Mr. Boddy using what weapon in which room will is the Master Detective.

Kids and parents will enjoy immersing themselves into the world of Clue as they discover the history of Boddy Manor and create profiles on suspects.

To begin the game, shuffle the deck of suspect, weapon, and murder location cards, place one of each into the Confidential Case File envelope; then deal the remaining cards amongst the players. Now it’s time for players to roll the die to move their tokens around the manor and start collecting evidence.

Every turn is an opportunity for players to probe their opponents and collect evidence to record in their Detective Notebooks. Players must be strategic about what information they share—especially if it’s a clue that could solve it all.

When a player thinks they’ve cracked the case, they must race to the scene of the crime as fast as their dice will roll. Things get exciting once the accusations start to fly… Was it Miss Scarlett with the wrench in the Fountain? Or was it Col. Mustard in the Drawing Room with the knife? Could it be Miss Peach in the Library with the revolver? It was Prof. Plum in the Kitchen with a lead pipe!

Clue Master Detective is a nail-biting thriller that will capture the whole family’s imagination. It’s a fun way for kids to roll play while learning how to use deductive reasoning and strategy to beat their opponents. This classic murder mystery is packed with more characters, more rooms, and more weapons to look forward to each time its played.