Welcome to the club. Club Chelsea, that is.

The new line of Barbie dolls from Just Play are the perfect contenders to be any kid’s new BFF. The Club Chelsea doll is a unique, fashion forward tween bursting with personality.

Chelsea has summer on her mind and sports a watermelon-themed outfit. She wears a pink and white sparkly top with miniature watermelons on it. Additionally, her pink ombre skirt has black, glitzy seeds on it with a green frill at the bottom. To top off the look, she sports pink shoes and a pink headband with sparkles and a tiny, smiling watermelon attached to its top.

Chelsea has thick, blonde hair that bounces when she moves. Chelsea’s club-mates can either leave her hair in pigtails, or let it all hang down. It’s easier to maintain if it stays in pigtails, so depending whether or not kids have a no-nonsense type of attitude during playtime, pigtails may be the best bet.

Additionally, the big, blue-eyed cutie snagged herself a watermelon to snack on during playtime. The tiny accessory has a clear handle to attach to the doll’s hand so that she can move around without dropping her favorite fruit. Chelsea’s legs and arms don’t bend, but her head, arms, and legs fully rotate. Though Chelsea is unable to bend her legs and sit, she’s the type of girl who is dressed to impressed and always on-the-go, so she probably doesn’t have any downtime anyway.

Club Chelsea is the answer to every parents’ prayers. Now, they can give their kid the large-scale doll of his or her dreams, without breaking the bank. Not only are the dolls affordable for their size, but they also come with included accessories so that parents won’t have to keep digging into their wallet to keep their kids’ dolls dressed to the tens.

The 14-inch doll will also be joined by two friends later this year. Same as Chelsea, both dolls in the line also feature a themed outfit with a matching headband, shoes, and an accessory. The Club Chelsea dolls are full of personality and feature fun accessories, while also remaining an affordable doll option that kids and parents to love.