Cloudberries Mountain | Source: Cloudberries

There’s a lot more to Cloudberries puzzles than just a super cool name.

The puzzling community is bigger than ever thanks to a resurgence in the category due to COVID-19-related, stay-at-home orders. And true puzzlers know: Not all puzzles are created equal.

For adults looking for high-quality, challenging, and unique puzzles, look to Europe! Specifically, look to Cloudberries.

With Cloudberries puzzles, you won’t find any traditional under the sea illustrations or expansive mountain landscapes. Instead, you’ll get to piece together pixelated gradients, geometric shapes, and art deco masterpieces.

There are dozens of designs to choose from, with lots of different styles, so whether you’re looking for a colorful challenge, or a zany cityscape, or just some brilliant fauna, Cloudberries has you covered.

Source: Cloudberries

The puzzles are all made from recycled paper and board and the boxes are made from sustainably-sourced paper, but that does not compromise the quality at all. There’s very little puzzle dust, the pieces fit together perfectly, and the puzzles do not have that cardboard/recycled smell you get from lower-quality brands. Cloudberries hits every mark of a well-crafted puzzle. Plus, for every puzzle sold, Cloudberries plants a tree, so your purchase even makes a positive impact on the planet!

Cloudberries also has a unique, minimalist approach to packaging. All of the boxes are grey and white, with the puzzle’s name scrawled in large font on the sides, making for a very aesthetically-pleasing look on your bookshelves.

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The puzzles are available in 500, 1,000, and 2,000 piece counts, and some designs come in multiple sizes so you can select the one that’s right for you. The gradient puzzles, which include Gradient, Pixels, Mountain, and Geometry are my stand-out favorites, but the abstract designs are incredibly fun as well (and HARD — these are not puzzles you’ll likely complete in one sitting). The finished product of any Cloudberries puzzle is certainly worth framing, if you’re into that.

Though Cloudberries is a European company, puzzlers in the U.S. can easy grab these puzzles online. The 1,000-piece puzzles cost about $24.99 plus shipping, and the puzzles arrive in as little as five business days with standard shipping.

For true puzzle enthusiasts, Cloudberries offers out-of-the-box designs and an overall perfect puzzling experience.