Charley the Chameleon, from Cloud b, is an adorable plush chameleon with four modes to choose from. Choose from soothing or fun light options, and rainforest or tropical tunes melodies to lull little ones to sleep. I always love Cloud b’s plush, and Charley is among my favorites. His deep blue coloring with his ruffled spine, big green eyes, and curly tail are pleasing to the eye, and his soft plush body and big, squishy feet are snuggly to hold. His colorful changing lights are subtle enough to promote sleep, yet engaging enough to give babies and kids a peaceful focal point as they drift off to sleep. The sweet tropical tune is great for transitioning from playtime to bedtime, and the rainforest sounds let kids sleep soundly. Kids and parents can turn the sounds off all together and just let the lights run, or can turn everything off and appreciate Charley for the sweet plush toy that he is. Charley automatically shuts off after 45 minutes.