The Clixo Rainbow Pack comes with 48 pieces! | Source: Toyish Labs

With Toyish Lab’s Clixo 42 Piece Rainbow Pack, playtime is just one clix away! 

Designed for kids ages 4 and up, Clixo is an open-ended play system that lets kids get as creative as they want. The product combines the art of origami with the powerful force of magnets, letting little builders create millions of different structures. 

This STEAM system is extremely easy to set up and play with. Kids simply click each Clixo together to connect the pieces, building upon each other until they’ve created the structure they want. Clixo also comes in different shapes, allowing for even more building options! The Rainbow pack comes with 42 pieces in eight different styles, each with their own name. Two Dot is a two-sided piece, Flap is a broader piece with one magnet, Quad has four magnets and four sides, Tridot has three magnets, Flop is a shorter version of Flap, Super Quad has five magnets and four sides, and Longy has two magnets that can curl around other pieces.  

Because there are so many different directions to go in, it can be a little hard to determine where to start! Luckily, the Rainbow Pack comes with a how-to guide that clearly explains how to make some fun structures, like a ball, a crown, a snake, a dragonfly, and more.

The guide uses images over words, catering to even the youngest minds. It also makes a point to remind users about magnetic polarity — across the Clixo 42 Piece Rainbow Pack, red magnets connect to the blue ones. Kids cannot connect a blue magnet to a blue magnet, or a red magnet to a red magnet. Also included in the pack are Clixo stickers — because come on, we all love stickers. 

The building options are endless with Clixo! | Source: Toyish Labs

Another great aspect of Clixo is that the packaging and the product itself are environmentally friendly. Parents can teach young designers the importance of helping the environment, while giving them a toy that they’ll actually want to play with again and again. The Rainbow Pack also comes in two different reusable containers, perfect for a quick clean-up when playtime is over, or for one-the-go play. I personally traveled with Clixo and spent a lot of my time playing with it while waiting in lines: It’s an awesome distraction from the crazy holiday commutes! 

Clixo was made to inspire kids to create. By building and problem solving, little constructors are engaging in multisensory play that allows them to invent and think more freely. Although there may be a learning curve for younger kids, once they’ve got the hang of it, it’s hard to not build something. The pieces click together satisfyingly, making it virtually impossible to not make a structure. Kids will love the feeling of accomplishment when they finish each creation. 


As we enter into a season of colds and days spent at home, it’s always good to have a toy that kids will want to keep playing with. Little builders will want to keep making their Clixo creations, ranging from big castle structures to wearable necklaces. Although Clixo has a slightly higher price point at $59.99, this multisensory, creative system will keep kids entertained for hours. Kids will click with Clixo!