With the Clickformers Speed Wheel Set from Magformers, your kid will be living in the fast lane and having races all day long!

Clicformers construction toys are ideal for the development of eye-hand-coordination of children aged four and up. The larger-sized pieces and the easy click-ing mechanism makes Clicformers a great building toy for kids that have challenges with smaller building block toys. Since the Clicformer pieces are easy to click together, they are easy to un-click too. So, it makes playtime less frustrating for many kids.

Whether you need a fine-motor friendly toy or a building set for your little hot rod, the Speed Wheel set is ideal. With this toy, kids can start their engines and build their own race cars. Using the included 22 building blocks and 12 accessory pieces, kids can follow the enclosed idea booklet to build out one of seven car designs. You can build a buggy, a desert truck, a race car, and more. Alternatively—or after the fact—kids can work to build their own imaginative car creation.

Once the cars are completed, the build-out is large enough to feel substantial. These are not mini motorcars or small sedans. They are noteworthy wheels!

Have another Clicformers set? Buckle up for this fact: Clicformers sets are compatible with each other. When you get more sets, you get more creative possibilities. So with the Speed Set, kids can make a visionary vehicle with other Clicformers pieces.

When it is time to cross the finish line, use the clicking mechanism to simply stack and store for a totally tidy playroom!