It’s all about that click.

Magformers has expanded its Clicformers line with just about the cutest lil’ pups you’ve ever seen with its new Brave Friends set.

Kids ages 4 and up can use the included 74 Clicformers pieces to create three different puppies to display and play. Much like the original set, kids can easily fit together two pieces that snap together with a click. Each piece can fold up to contribute to a different 3D shape. This time, it’s all gone to the dogs. Kids can use a varying amount of pieces to build full models of different dog breeds, including a dachshund, a chihuahua, and a German shepherd.


Construction is simple: Kids will take each square piece and align it with another piece, so the side with two prongs can fit into its opposite with a space in the middle. Slide the two pieces together until you hear it click to join. Each pup — available in white, black, and yellow — uses a combination of the included pieces (or less than) to build your new pup-tastic pals.

Most of your new pet pals start with a variation of a square. It helps to connect the Clicformers pieces next to one another on a flat surface, and then kids can easily rotate the side pieces to make it three dimensional. Straight out of the box, an instruction booklet gives kids step-by-step directions to bring the nine pooches to life. Just like the Magformers instructions, this set illustrates step-by-step renderings of which pieces to add in what order and directional arrows to point which way the connected pieces move to become 3D.

Once your pooch is built, kids can attach the included stickers to the dog’s face to give it some goofy or heartwarming eye contact. No side-eye here, we love our new pups with a click!

The construction life isn’t that “ruff” at all with Clicformers.