Green feet! Purple stars! Yellow arrows! No, it’s not some kind of strange dream — it’s CLACK!

The CLACK! Game, from Amigo, is a two- to six-player game in which players race to build the tallest stack of magnetic discs based on matching the colors and symbols on the dice. The magnets clack as they stack — that’s where the name comes from! It takes about 10 minutes to play a full game, or less if you’re moving very quickly, and it’s recommended for kids ages 5 and up.

To play, spread the magnetic discs out on a table so that all of the players can reach them. Make sure they are face up so that everyone can see the symbols on top. The oldest player rolls both dice — one features a different color on each side and the other features a different shape on each side. Once the dice land, players race to collect the discs that have the matching color and symbol on them.

Each disc has a different combination of three shapes on it, including arrows, stars, puzzle pieces, flowers, and feet. The shapes come in five different colors — red, green, yellow, blue, and purple. So if the colored die lands on blue and the shape die lands on feet, players must pick up all the discs featuring blue feet.

But players aren’t grabbing the discs with their fingers — they’re picking them up by stacking them to the growing tower of discs they’ve already collected. Since the discs are magnetic, when you hold another disc right above one, the magnets will connect, making them “clack” into a stack.

Players take turns rolling the dice, but everyone plays at the same time to clack discs into to their stack every time a different color and shape combination is chosen. The stacks will get taller and taller throughout the game. It can also qualify as a memory game as kids try to memorize where different symbols and colors are located as the dice roll.

Each die also contains a white side, aka the wild card. When the color die lands on white, any color is fair game. Players race to pick up all of the discs with the shape shown on the symbol die, paying no attention to the colors. For example, if the color die lands on white and the shape die lands on flower, players race to pick up all the discs containing a flower, no matter what the color is. When the shape die lands on white, any symbol is fair game as players race to pick up all of the discs with the color shown on the color die. For example, if the shape die lands on white and the color die lands on yellow, players can pick up any disc containing the color yellow regardless of the symbols. And when BOTH dice land on white, it’s a free for all! Players race to pick up every disc they can clack until the last one is gone, no matter what the color or shape.

At any time during the game, if players pick up the wrong disc that doesn’t have the corresponding color or shape on the dice, they have to return the disc to the table, along with one penalty disc from their stack. When the last disc is gone from the table, players compare their stacks. The player with the tallest stack of discs is the winner!

Once you start playing, the game is very easy to follow. Kids will love how hectic things get as all the players are clacking at once and racing to grab the discs first, making for a fun family game night. The fact that players don’t have to keep score keeps things light and fun so that everyone can live in the moment and not worry about who’s winning until the very end when everyone compares stacks. Kids will have good, clean fun clacking away to build the tallest tower!