Have you ever wanted to draw out your own working lightbulb circuitry using pen and paper? Circuit Scribe lets you do just that!


Backed on Kickstarter in 2014, Circuit Scribe is a pen that contains non-toxic conductive ink that allows kids to draw wires and circuits to power simple electronics like bulbs and motors. The Basic Kit includes everything kids need to get started on some neat experiments, including the Circuit Scribe pen, a power supply and a battery, a power switch, and an adapter and a transistor, an LED light, a bag of resistors, a magnet surface, and a couple of handy guides.

Kids can begin their scientific journey by placing the magnet surface under whatever paper they’re going to write on. After doodling a few lines with distinct endpoints and snapping their magnetic modules onto the surface, kids can see how the ink connects their electronics and powers them up! The guides come with handy tutorials that show how to use the pen and its modules, as well as some helpful science terminology that applies to their work. The guide features 25 pages, each with different experiments that range from beginner to expert, so that kids can slowly level up their scientific prowess.

Circuit Scribe is an excellent way for parents and caregivers to help kids learn about science in productive ways while engaging with their creativity. The guide itself encourages kids to draw outside of the lines in their own ways as they complete their circuits, so the appearances of their circuitry is limited only to their imagination. The educational science facts in the guide also helps in taking science out of the textbooks and onto meaningful application on paper. Kids may need to scribble hard on their writing surface for the power current to work properly, but the results can be pretty satisfying.

Make science into an art form with Circuit Scribe!