Kids and adults can pack fun and games for any trip with Cinco Linko by Big Potato Games, Cardinal Games, and Spin Master.

The game is simple in nature, but difficult to win. Just choose one of the four stacks of vibrantly colored tiles, and start the game on any flat surface.

Players will use their strategy skills as they take turns placing tiles one at a time, in an attempt to get five of their colored tiles in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row. They can up the stakes by increasing the number of players from two to four.

During gameplay, players will have to have a strong offense and defense as they not only try to make their own rows, but also need to block their  competitors’ from creating ones of their own. The first to link five of their tiles in a row is the Cinco Linko Champion.

The compact and sturdy carrying hub, along with the handy carabiner clip, make it easy for players to bring the game with them on the go.

Cinco Linko is perfect for parties, family game nights, or five-minute duels between classes. Parents will also enjoy it as a way to preoccupy kids during family vacations or while running errands.

Although the suggested age is 8 years and up, I’d say kids as young as 5 years old can quickly get the gist, and older players will enjoy the challenge they bring to the game.

With Cinco Linko, players will gain some important skills, such as problem solving and building social-emotional intelligence, while also boosting their competitive spirit.

A cozy night in or a vacation away from the blustery cold isn’t complete without a few rounds of Cinco Linko.