Chuckle & Roar Learning Blocks from Buffalo Games are convenient, classic, and pleasantly uncomplicated.

These premium wooden blocks feature letters, numbers, colors, animals, and shapes, allowing kids to practice spelling, counting and recognition skills. They come in a convenient storage case complete with a carry handle, so the blocks won’t be left all over the playroom floor and kids can take the set anywhere. Best of all? The lid doubles as an activity space. Talk about making the most of what you’ve got!

Kids can build, stack, organize, and play with the 26 blocks any way they can imagine, but the set also includes 50 challenge cards for more structured playtime. The challenges include simple tasks like “can you find things in the jungle?” or pictures of specific animals. Parents or caregivers can select a challenge card and place it in the slot in the lid, then kids can choose the correct blocks and place them in the correct slot. The blocks, cards, and lid provide the perfect opportunity for learning, as well as parent-child interaction.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Chuckle & Roar Learning Blocks are perfect for preschoolers, reinforcing key concepts and challenging young minds. And at just $14.99, the play value this set provides is absolutely incredible.

Blocks are such a classic, go-to toy, and they should be a staple in every child’s toybox. No batteries, no fuss, and LOTS of open-ended fun. And this set goes just a bit beyond the norm to provide kids with an even better play experience.