Young secret agents will get a kick out of PlayMonster’s new game Chrono Bomb Night Vision.

Play the game alone or compete against a fellow agent to cross the laser field and defuse the bomb. The UV light goggles put kids into the mindset of spy as they roll, crawl, bending, and climb over the laser field they set up anywhere in their home.

Kids ages 7 and up will find the included clamps easy to attach to tables, furniture legs, and other surfaces in their own patterns. Then, they can wrap the glow-in-the-dark string on the clamps and the bomb’s sensor is a breeze, making set up quick and simple.

If the sensor buzzes, the 37-foot string is set up correctly, and kids can move on to scatter the 10 gear cards across the laser field.

Kids can train before going on their spy missions by switching the bomb to Single mode. Once they’re ready for secret missions, they can set the bomb to Chrono and hit the time button to choose a countdown from one to 10 minutes. Remember: Hitting the laser field will deduct 20 to 60 seconds from the time.

Kids then attempt to maneuver through the laser field collecting all the spy gear as they go before the clock runs out. I’d encourage amping up the thrills by turning all the lights off and the UV light goggles on for the ultimate spy experience during missions.

Kids will be excited to save the day after putting their imaginations, creativity, and motor skills to work. However, parents may throw out their backs, if they play along, so be careful.

The missions kids create are top secret, but Chrono Bomb Night Vision being a steal for $29.99 is far from one.