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Chomp & Count Dino, from VTech, teaches kids numbers, colors, and healthy foods. In numbers mode, the dino asks kids to feed him a certain number of food pieces when his light-up button on his head is pressed. Kids then insert the pieces into his mouth, which also offers a satisfying tactile feel and fun clacking sound as the pieces fall into dino’s tummy. In foods mode, kids press the dino’s head to prompt a question again. This time, he asks for a specific food piece, such as blueberries, a carrot, or bananas. If the child feeds the dino the correct piece, he plays a celebratory tune; if it’s the wrong piece, he reminds the child what he or she fed him.

Kids can turn the dial on the dinosaur’s back to change the songs, and can press the number buttons on his side to learn them. The number buttons also feature different shapes and colors for added learning value. I like the sturdy design of the Chomp & Count Dino, because it feels durable enough to withstand drops, being buried in the toybox, and several children playing with him at once. His yellow pull-string makes it easy to bring him along for a trip across the room or down the hall, giving a “pet” dimension to the toy, which kids love.