Last year, CHiP rolled his way right into our hearts. And now, a CHiP Jr. is upon us! Or, as WowWee likes to call these cuties, Chippies.

Be still, my beating heart.

The new line of robopups are surprisingly affectionate. Kids can pet their heads for tons of different reactions, including sniffs, barks, and even cute puppy sneezes. Additionally, the pups can do tons of different tricks on command, and kids will have so much fun as they play with their dog to make it perform all kinds of silly reactions. The dogs are available in different styles and colors, including Chippo, Chipper, Chipette, and Chipella. How’s that for a chip off the ol’ block?!

Each Chippies pup has a touch sensor on its nose, and there are three ways for kids to interact with their pup using the sensors. For example, with one tap, Chippies will sniff, lick, or bark; two taps will grant owners with either a kiss or a sneeze (may the odds be in ever in your favor!); and when kids cover its nose for two seconds, the pup will act scared and might even let out a tragically adorable whimper to let you know he can’t see you.

Chippies also come with a mini remote control to give kids even more playing options. Kids can use the r/c to not only drive their canine friend around, but also activate fun game modes, including guard, dance, sing, and dance. For an extra but of fun, Chippies also features tons of secret commands that kids can unlock using the steps on the instructions. Specifically kids can press a combination of buttons on the r/c to get their Chippies to do all kinds of silly things, such as howl, make tinkle noises, and even fart!

Chippies is a new collection of tiny tech that’ll easily find its way into kids’ hearts. Lucky for you, they’ll even forget about that puppy they’ve been begging you to get. Win-win!