If it walks like a dog and barks like a dog, then it’s probably a dog.

Er, make that a robot dog… But you can call him CHiP. The intelligent robotic pet from WowWee has all the aspects kids love about dogs, minus the mess.

Owners should first become acquainted with all their pup’s accessories, including the Smartband, Smart Ball, and Charge Bed. To optimize the fun, kids will want to make sure CHiP is fully charged upon their first playdate. This isn’t your average robo-pet. When CHiP’s charge is complete, he’ll pop off of his charging base and wait for instructions. Then, the fun begins.


The blue and black sleek Smartband allows CHiP to recognize, follow, and greet his owner, as well as let kids know when he’s hungry or ready to play. There are a few different buttons on the Smartband, all with really cool features. First, there’s the CHiP button in the center, which—when pressed—has the power to grab CHiP’s attention, make him stop whatever he is doing, and listen to your next command. Next, on the left is a thumbs up icon, which lets CHiP know what motions, sounds, and emotions his owner likes, that way he will be more likely to perform those actions. The location pin makes CHiP follow his owner around. Here’s a pro tip: in order for this task to work, the light on the band should face toward CHiP that way he can easily recognize the command. The exclamation point preps CHiP for a command, without him having to be told , “Hey CHiP,” first. Finally, the CHiP icon sends CHiP into a dance mode like no other. Trust me, this dog has got all the moves.

For an added bonus, when kids press and hold down the exclamation point, CHiP’s eyes will flash yellow and then white, and he will go into soccer mode. If he or she rolls the Smart Ball, the robo-dog will play goalie and block the pass, sending it back to his owner. Additionally, when kids press down on the CHiP button, his eyes will turn yellow, signaling that he is ready to play fetch. Every now and then, CHiP may not respond to fetch because he doesn’t sense the ball. What can I say, it’s a ruff life. If that happens, when kids push the ball around a bit, it will likely help CHiP recognize the ball.


The best thing about CHiP is that as kids interact and build their relationship, he grows and develops according to his specific relationship with his owner. In short, no two CHiPs are the same. CHiP will even let you know when he’s not happy. For example, when I was having a little too much fun testing his new skills, CHiP barked and his eyes became red to let me know that the show was over and  he wasn’t feeling it anymore.

Additionally, the CHiP app also enhances play. Through the app, kids can check on CHiP’s level of food, energy, and moods to find out if they need to feed him or if he is in a playful mood. If he’s hungry, there are a bunch of different foods that can be virtually fed to the pup, and CHiP will react in different ways as a sign of what he likes and what he isn’t necessarily a fan of. Other cool features include different commands and tricks that kids can give CHiP, as well as the ability to send him in different directions.

CHiP will even respond to voice commands and has touch sensors that allow him to react when kids pet him or nuzzle his nose. He’s so on-trend, he can even perform the coolest yoga poses on command. Where CHiP may lack in fur and fluffiness, he certainly makes up for in other categories. WowWee’s robot dog is one of the most intelligent, playful, and spunkiest pets that a kid will ever own.