KidDesigns Frozen Walkie TalkiesGrowing up, walkie talkies were the ultimate form of communication. Sure, it was before cell phones and instant messaging (gosh, do kids even know what that is now?), but even today there’s something kids will always love about walkie talkies, no matter how much technology they have at their disposal. Walkie talkies make conversations that could be done a whole lot easier face to face more fun and interesting because you have to work for it a little more. Walkie talkies make kids actually want to play with their siblings because you can’t walkie talkie back and forth with the dog. This old-school way of play will have kids saying adorable things, such as “Wow, this is what you did before cell phones, Mom?” To which you’re response would probably include something along the lines of, “No we had beepers,” but explaining what a beeper is to kids of this century would be a lot more work than what it’s worth.

While beepers might as well be fossils, walkie talkies are still cool (you’re not just hearing that from me) and they’ve come a long way from the ones I was given as a kid. KIDdesigns has created the perfect walkie talkies for kids that feature kids’ favorite characters on them from Disney Frozen and Skylanders. Not only are both sets of walkie talkies appealing to kids, but they’re extremely easy to use, so kids can start playing with them right away without having to wait for a parent to match up the frequencies and all of that nonsense. My personal favorite, The Disney Frozen Chill ‘n’ Chat 2-Way Radios features beautiful Elsa and Anna graphics and the walkie talkies themselves are blue, purple, and pink. The antennas have a heart at the tip and with a push of the button on the side kids can instantly chat with one another from impressively long distances away. Whether they’re used for some harmless gossiping or trying to make plans, little girls will love these walkie talkies for more reasons than them just having Frozen decals on them.

KidDesigns Skylanders Walkie TalkiesIn addition, the Skylanders Walkie Talkies allow kids to have awesome Skylanders adventures with the characters Prism Break and Eruptor. The two-pack contains one walkie talkie shaped exactly like Prism Break and the second is shaped like Eruptor. Each have a short black antenna popping up from the top and a push-to-talk button on the side so kids stay in contact with their friends as they plan secret missions and battles in Skylands.

Great for kids ages 4 and up, these walkie talkies will keep kids engaged in hours of imaginative play. Whether it’s a game of hide and seek or trying to guess whose voice is on the other end, kids will love these character-inspired versions of this classic toy and parents won’t have to worry about them going out of style anytime soon.