These chicks aren’t soft and cuddly, but they’ve got killer hair.

Chicks with Wigs, from Jakks Pacific, is a new line of collectibles featuring chicks with some serious hairdos. From short red bobs to bright blue stacks of curls, each chick is totally unique and has hair unlike any other.

Kids will love to collect these stylish gals. Each chick comes in blind box packaging, so every one is a surprise. There are 24 chicks in both series one and two, including mavens such as Betty, a purple chick with bright pink pigtails, and Jo Marie, a mellow yellow chick with purple braids.

Each chick also features a different facial expression or accessory, such as closed eyes or a pair of funky shades. A bit sleepier than the rest, Amanda Chick sports a chic sleep mask.

While the chicks don’t come with a brush, kids can use any Barbie-sized brush they have lying around to keep their chicks’ hair looking fresh as can be, or give them a restyled look.

Chicks with Wigs offers kids the collectibles they love coupled with fun hair play and quirkiness. From the excitement of not knowing which one is inside, to thrill of reveling in its awesome hair, kids will love expanding their toy collections with these adorable pink, purple, and yellow gals full of colorful ’dos.