If you ever wanted to know what you get when you cross a chicken with a pig, then you are about to know with the Chickapig game from Buffalo Games. Chickapig is a highly social strategy game involving offense, defense — and avoiding poop.

Chickapig breeder and game creator Brian Calhoun joined forces with his farming buddy Dave Matthews (of the Dave Matthews Band) to bring this game from farm to table. Originally launched on Kickstarter, it is a 2018 Toy Association Toy of the Year Nominee, and Recommended by MENSA Mind Games Winner. The Toy Insider listed it in its Spring and Summer Gift Guide.

It is an egg-citing, fun, swine-filled strategic board game where chicken-pig hybrids attempt to reach their goals while dodging opponents and hay bales. For those kids that go ga-ga over gross, they will enjoy the element of dodging cow doodoo too.

To play, you are in charge of a flock of six Chickapigs. There are four colors of Chickapigs, each with their own farm fresh face. Once they select their flock, players roll the dice. If players roll a three through six, they can start making their way across the board. However, a one or two, gives you something extra: Roll a one and you can move the cow to another spot on the board. As you do, it leaves a little cow ‘moo’mento behind (aka: poop) that your opponent must then go circumvent. If they do not, they have to take Poop card, which always results in bad news — such as losing a turn. If players roll a two, they get a daisy card, which always brings good news such as extra turns.

The goal is to coordinate your Chickapigs, hay bales, and the pooping cow so that you can be the first player to get all your Chickapigs through the goal. However, there are many ways to provide flexibility for the players — such as only requiring three of the Chickpigs to cross the farm to win, or letting the players move the pooping cow wherever they want on the board.

Available at Amazon, Target, and Barnes & Noble, the Chickapig game is set for two to four players, which makes it a great for couples and family game night, too. For parties, it works great with teams of players. Game play lasts about 30 to 60 minutes. It is easy to learn, but has a chess-like strategy for a competitive edge. With most of the playing pieces made of wood, it has an organic, farm feel. The design also makes it appealing as a coffee table board game — inviting gazers to come to the farm.