Source: Cheryl Chase Books/the Toy Insider

Angelica Pickles and her doll Cynthia were the break-out stars of the ‘90s cartoon Rugrats.

Actress and author Cheryl Chase, who played the voice of Angelica (and who is also returning to voice the character in the Rugrats revival on Paramount+), took inspiration from that friendship and is coming out with a kids’ book about a young girl and her lively doll.

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Launching on March 31, That’s Coola, Tallulah! is about the bond between a girl named Stella Bella and her mischievous doll, Tallulah. Stella Bella is always down for one of Tallulah’s adventures, but the small voice in the back of her head usually leads her to do the right thing. One day, Mommy’s cookie jar gets broken during Stella Bella and Tallulah’s tea time. When Mommy separates the two, Tallulah realizes she’s gotten her best friend in trouble and worries that they’ll lose their playtime together for good. Will Tallulah be able to get her best friend back, or will she be stuck on the toy shelf?

This is Chase’s debut picture book. Check out for more information.