MooseToys.LittleLivePetsBirdsKids love pets, I love pets, and parents… sometimes love pets. Although pets are a great way to teach kids responsibilities and how to nurture a living animal, not every live animal is perfect for every family. Plus, there are Little Live Pets Birds from Moose Toys that make amazing (toy) pets for kids ages 5 and up—and most importantly, no one has to clean up after them.

Kids can choose among Delicate Dee, Silly Billie, Angelic Angela, Sweet Sophie, Cool Cookie, and Cheeky Charlie, as well as Friendly Frankie and Beauty Bella, which each come equipped with a cage. Each adorable electronic bird pal is soft to touch and offers kids hours of interactive play. Kids can place any of the birds in their palms and as they pet the bird’s head and back, the bird will chirp, tweet, and whistle 30 different melodies and even nursery rhymes such as “Wheels on the Bus” and more. In addition, the birds’ unique chatter back recorder allows kids to speak to the bird and hear what they said repeated right back.

And, because every pet needs time to his or herself, kids can stow their bird friends away in a cute little bird cage that has a handle on top so kids can even take their pet(s) on the go. Unlike a real bird cage, this one stays clean all on its own and features a cute swing that kids can perch up to two birds on. Once kids start a collection of Little Live Pets Birds, the birds will chat and chirp together—which is really adorable to watch.

Because sometimes seeing is believing, check out this video where our Toy Insider Mom demos her adorable friend:

Little Live Pets will be available at major retailers this fall.

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