International Fairy Day is on June 24, and we’ve got some fairy cute ways to celebrate with your little elves and fairies with the perfect Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom-themed party!

And to get you pumped for your International Fairy Day party, we’re hosting our own party on Twitter, on Friday, June 22 from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. EST. During this magical hour, not only will you get to answer Ben and Holly trivia, but there will be fun giveaways and chances to win some Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom toys.

A couple of crafty parents got a head start on preparing for their Fairy Day festivities and started sharing their ideas. Here are 10 things to consider doing when planning your party:

Create a Stunning Centerpiece

There are lots of fun ways to create your own decorations—including with things you may already have laying around the house such as felt and toys! You can create crafts such as a stunning felt bouquet, from The Paper Mama. Don’t be intimidated: She created flower files to make this for yourself. You can cut these files out on a Silhouette machine if you have one, or use the as patterns to cut by hand. See how to build it here. Oh, and don’t be afraid to pull out the Ben and Holly collectibles to decorate the flower bouquet!

Make these Toad-ally Awesome Toadstools

Just Add Confetti has the perfect way to really transform your decor—toadstool time! Believe it or not, it can be done in three easy steps. The best part is that it’s not messy, so it won’t leave behind any residue on your furniture. You can also get other party decorations to match, such as fairy wings, paper plates, and party hats. Click here the full tutorial!

Play Fairy Bingo

Artsy Fartsy Mama DIY’d her own Free Printable Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Bingo (click to print!) as a fun activity to play during the party. The bingo printable comes with 10 cards in a set, or a blank set so you can create your own. Kids of all ages will have a great time playing this game!

Celebrate With A Good Ben and Holly Tale

There’s nothing like some good ol’ fashioned story time! Check out a Scholastic book from the Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom library, or grab one from your collection. Kids can take turns reading a page aloud, act out scenes from the stories, and more to immerse themselves in the Little Kingdom!

Craft Time: Let Kids Make Their Own Wand

Need an easy craft project (that won’t create a fairy big mess)? No worries! All little elves and princesses can create their own wand just like Holly does in the show simply using popsicle sticks, paper, markers, and some gems. Artsy Fartsy Mama shows us how it’s done here. As for the magic? Kids will use their imaginations for that!

Bug Out Over These Yummy Ladybug Pretzels

Just Add Confetti created these delish Gaston the Ladybird Pretzels! The biggest life hack is to start off with chocolate covered pretzels that are already made. Then, dip each pretzel “wing-side” down into red candy melts. Let them cool, dry, and harden on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Be sure to add mini chocolate chips to the red wings before the candy melts harden. Lastly, add these candy eyeballs to your Gaston pretzel by dipping them in a tiny amount of black candy melt and attaching them to the top of the pretzel.

Whip Up Some Magic Trail Mix

For both a sweet and salty snack, Crafty Curly Mom made some Rainbow Snack Mix. This easy-to-make trail mix is both very Instagramble 💁‍♀️ and tasty. Crafty Curly Mom used Trix, Fruit Loops, Goldfish, mini marshmallows, pretzels and more. Follow her recipe here, or make your own variation with whatever snacks your elf or fairy likes best!

Make Watermelon Wands

For a healthier snack, try these yummy watermelon star wands from Cutefetti. Just use a star-shaped cookie cutter to make your star tips and stick paper straws in at the bottom so kids can hold them like a wand.

Party Hat Time!

Kids can make their own little gold crown just like Holly or leaf headband like Ben thanks to Million Moments. Grab a pack of headbands from the store, and then create the crowns and leaves using felt! Secure them tightly on the headbands for kids to pretend to be their favorite characters from the show!

Send Party Guests Off With Magical Wand Favors

These magic wand favors from Just Add Confetti are the perfect parting gifts for when the party is over. These favors can hold candy inside to send party guests off with a sweet treat and note. Click here for step-by-step instructions.