2014-02 032If you ask a kid what his or her favorite part of the Despicable Me movie or its sequel was, I can guarantee that the response will almost always be the Minions. Perhaps my 6-year-old cousin said it best: “I want one! They’re so cute!” Good news, because now kids can have their very own Minion thanks to Thinkway Toys, the same company behind the award-winning Talking Minion Action Figure.

The Bee-Do Fireman Minion, for kids ages 4 and up, talks, lights up, and features more than 20 sound effects. Kids who have Minion fever will love the look and feel of this new friend. He holds a megaphone and wears flashing head gear just like in the movie.

This Minion is from the memorable Despicable Me 2 scene where Gru sets his telephone on fire and melts it. The fire alarm goes off and the firemen minion bust through a wall and cause more havoc instead of fixing the problem. Meanwhile, the alarm Minion repeats, “Bee do, bee do!” until he flies away after getting hit with a water from a fire hose.

The minion is soft, so when kids hug their new friend, they will activate the “Bee-Do” siren, located in his tummy. The headgear will light up and the sirens will spin. Pressing the Minion’s right hand will trigger his original movie voice, lights, and siren sound effects. The left hand triggers siren sounds, light effects, and talking with echo. My favorite part is when it speaks Minionese, the unique and quirky language that the Minions speak. After all, who doesn’t want a short, yellow, and unpredictably crazy sidekick?

Speaking of minions, we’re going to see a lot more of them soon. Next July, Minions, from Illumination Entertainment, will hit the big screen, marking the first entire film dedicated to the small yellow friends. It stars the familiar Stuart, Kevin, and Bob minions and chronicles their journey before they met Gru. Also, a third Despicable Me movie is in the works to come out in 2017. Watch the brand-new Minions trailer below!

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