Once in a while, a surprise hit emerges that few would ever predict.

At Toy Fair New York this year, Cats Vs. Pickles showed hints of being just that, but it wasn’t until the adorable plush characters from Cepia hit stores this summer that a clear picture emerged. During a U.S. trial run at Learning Express in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Cats Vs. Pickles were flying out the door and that success paved the way for a wide release at Walmart and Amazon. These little creatures have even scored a coveted slot on the 12 Under $12 list in our 15th Annual Toy Insider Holiday Gift Guide!

So why the hype?

Cats Vs. Pickles were born from an idea presented in viral videos over the past few years: Cats are just naturally afraid of pickles. The theory is that cats might be mistaking pickles for snakes, but that wouldn’t be as fun as positing the idea that pickles just absolutely love cats and wish that the feline crowd would love them back.

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With dozens of colorful characters and a series of fun animated videos on YouTube (more than 68 million views as of this writing!), things just clicked and kids fell in love with Cats Vs. Pickles. There’s also a companion app that gamifies the experience on iOS and Android devices, but the secret sauce here is that Cats Vs. Pickles is a perfectly low-tech counterpart to a digital world.

Like Beanie Babies before them, Cats Vs. Pickles are small, bean-filled plush with a nice weight to them, and each character has a name and a distinct personality displayed on an included hangtag. Since they’re small and affordably priced at just $4.99 each, kids can collect a bunch of them without breaking the piggy bank or making a dent in grown-ups’ wallets.

With the holiday season ahead, Cats Vs. Pickles make a great stocking stuffer, so I guess there’s only one thing left to do…

Will you choose cats or pickles? I say both!