Cats Vs. Pickles Chonks | Source: Cepia LLC/the Toy Insider

A little over a year ago, Cats Vs. Pickles (CvP) burst onto the scene as a line of 4-inch beanbag plush characters that quickly gained a big audience. Small but mighty, this colorful plush crew was inspired by a viral trend in which videos were surfacing that depicted cats as being afraid of pickles. At the time, the widely accepted theory was that cats may have been mistaking the pickles for snakes, but that wasn’t as fun as positing the idea that pickles just absolutely love cats and wish that the feline crowd would love them back. The 4-inch beans were a huge hit and inspired a passionate fanbase to expand their world with handcrafted habitats that, in turn, inspired real product extensions, such as the Kitty Condos and a cornhole bean bag game.

Now, the CvP crew is welcoming a form into the mix: Chonks.

These super-sized beans stand 6-inches tall and measure 4.5-inches wide.  They’re stocky, girthy, and well … chonky. Inspired by the “fat cat” trend on TikTok, Chonks are hitting the scene in a big way, and they’re in and out of stores so quickly they’re practically in stealth mode!

Look for Cats Vs. Pickles Chonks in store displays like this one. | Source: Cepia LLC/the Toy Insider

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There are 24 different CvP characters to collect, and like their smaller brethren, these snuggly little beans are packed with creatively inspired style. Look for the chess-inspired Rookie; Rosie the Riveter-inspired Rosie; Hambone the baked ham cat (complete with pineapple and cherry); and Slider the pickle.

Chonks are fun to play with and fun to collect and they make perfect stocking stuffers and holiday gifts for kids and adults alike. While you may find them for sale online on Amazon,, or the CvP website, your best bet right now is to keep an eye out at your local independent toy store or specialty retailer, or check out Learning Express, CVS, or Walgreens for fresh stock! Some stores may have them in open-box displays while others will carry blind-bagged mystery packs.

The hunt is on and the snuggle is real!