Be Super, Be Creative, Be Digital

  Captain America has his shield, Tony Stark has his suit, Thor has his hammer, the Hulk has his…uh… temper, and now, your little creative superhero has his (oh her!) smart stylus. The Marvel Creativity… read more

Customizable Flip Flops Hot for Holiday Travel

Lollz Flip Flops, from Wavewearco., allow you to customize your footwear with super-easy snap-on/snap-off Lollz accessories, which include bows, flowers, buttons, etc. The company even encourages its customers to design their own Lollz for a… read more

Miss Pinkie Cooper is a Fashionista in Every Country

Pinkie Cooper and her jet-setting friends are adorable, fashionistas from The Bridge Direct. Little girls can join Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets as they go on international adventures, always looking fabulous from head… read more