Oregon Scientific Gets Kids Behind the Camera Lens

Oregon Scientific offers budding videographers portability and durability with the ATC Gecko HD for children ages 8 and up. This pocket-sized video camera can go virtually anywhere, so kids can record an adventure on bikes… read more

Dance It Out with Elektrokidz

Elektrokidz, from WowWee, are adorable music-inspired figurines with hair that dances. There are six unique Elektrokidz in six unique finishes, including black matte and shiny gold. Best of all, kids and teens can collect all… read more

Gund Offers Kids An Array of Animated Plush

Gund provides consumers with a vast array of plush toys for kids of all ages. Items range from soft stuffed animals for newborns to singing bears. Whether kids (or any plush enthusiast!) are looking for… read more

Fiesta Offers a Wide Range of Fun Plush

Fiesta‘s range of plush items is broad, ranging from tie-dye to realistic. Fiesta also features a considerable selection of sea creatures, a refreshing change from the more typical teddies, pups, and bunnies, as well as… read more

Kids Can Take Their Activity Out of This World

The ibitz PowerKey from GeoPalz is a small wireless family activity tracker, only 1.5 inches tall and 1-inch wide. The ibitz can be attached to the hip or shoe. The ibitz PowerKey for kids, and… read more