PlaSmart Puts Kids on a Highway to Fun

If only there was some way to express to you over this computer how enthralled, enamored, and ecstatic my son is over toy cars. He looks at them, displays them, and—of course—plays with them. Yet,… read more

Rock On with the Rockin’ Rider Patriot Horse

I loved the rocking horse I had as a kid—it lasted through myself and my two brothers, it survived lots of moves, and it created memories of historical battles, rescuing princesses from castles, and imaginary… read more

Tomy Helps Kids Catch ‘Em All

With Tomy‘s Pokémon Trainer Gloves with Sound, kids ages 4 and up can pretend to be Ash as they toss their Poké Ball around. As the gloves move, the motion activation kicks in and plays… read more

Fashion Angels Teaches Girls to Become She-E-Os

The It’s My Biz line of activity products, from Fashion Angels, is intended to build tween girls’ confidence and inspire them to consider careers in business and entrepreneurship. The line is based off of the… read more