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The Ball Brought to a Whole New Level with Sphero 2.0

Sphero 2.0, by Orbotix Inc., combines smart gaming with smartphones to bring racecar features to this highly evolved ball. With its robotic core and new engine, Sphero 2.0 is now faster, brighter, and smarter than… read more

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Remote-Control Dinosaurs Whip Their Tails Back and Forth

Dinosaurs are back and roaming the earth in the 32″ long Roboraptor from WowWee. With its advanced artificial intelligence personality, realistic biomorphic motions, direct control, and autonomous (free-roam) modes, the Age of Dinosaurs is back!… read more

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High-Tech R/C for the Older “Kids” On Your List

How many times have you heard a woman count her husband as an additional child in her life? (Sorry guys, but it’s true!) Well, all children—no matter how old—deserve toys, and Silverlit has the perfect… read more

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The Twist N Shoot Morphs with the Press of a Button

At first glance, the Twist N Shoot, from Maisto, may seem like any ordinary R/C. However, with the press of a button, the car morphs into a robot. As it changes, the front of the… read more

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Attacknids Are Ready for Battle!

The Combat Creatures Attacknids, from Wow! Stuff, are six-legged robots that stand more than 12 inches tall and move with realistic spider-like motions across multiple terrains (Grass, snow, carpet—nothing stops these robots!). The 360-degree rotating… read more

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Jump into Battle with Tomy’s Battroborg

Tomy‘s Battroborg battling robots are the first micro robots of their kind. They leverage advanced motion-control technology in combination with hugely popular robot and combat action. And boy are they cool. These robots bring players… read more

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