Bburago’s Latest Ferrari Has a Need for Speed

Nothing says “speed” quite like a Ferrari. Thanks to Maisto, kids can live life in the fast lane with the Bburago Race & Play Ferrari California T. Top down, chrome spinning, this 1:24 scale convertible… read more

Nissan 370Z Brings Preschoolers into the Fast Lane

R/C cars provide kids with lots of high-energy playtime, but remotes with lots of buttons and steering options can be challenging for young kids to maneuver. Toy State’s brand new Road Rippers Wheelie Power Nissan… read more

Mini Haulers Take Playtime to the Max

Toy cars and trucks are classic and affordable toys, and they are great for gift toppers or rewarding kids for good behavior. While most kids probably already have a collection of mini trucks scattered around… read more

Maisto Fuels Construction Production

Roll up your sleeves and grab your hard hats kids—it’s time to get to work! For kids who want to mix, tow, and dig their way to fun, Maisto has got the fix. With the… read more

Noomie Offers Silly R/C Fun for Girls

  Lena had a lot of fun testing Noomie, by WowWee, which is a fun R/C designed with girls in mind. There are not a lot of options for R/Cs that are developed with younger… read more

Silverlit’s Heli Beast Flies in a Whole New Way

R/C toys consist of tons of classic play patterns: car racing, imaginative play, role-playing, cooperative play, the list goes on. Kids will always love to pull a cool R/C toy off the shelf—whether it be… read more

Build Your Skatepark and Shred On It Too

Skateboarding has never been my area of expertise, but that never stopped me from trying. I had my very own skateboard that never moved from its very own spot in the garage after I took… read more

Vex Robotics Bring HEXBUG to the Big Time

Hexbug‘s Vex Robotics line just raised the bar for must-have R/C toys. I’ve been a fan of Hexbug for a long time, and for good reasons. Hexbug’s cool, semi-transparent colors are eye-catching and attractive, and… read more