Build Your Skatepark and Shred On It Too

Skateboarding has never been my area of expertise, but that never stopped me from trying. I had my very own skateboard that never moved from its very own spot in the garage after I took… read more

Vex Robotics Bring HEXBUG to the Big Time

Hexbug‘s Vex Robotics line just raised the bar for must-have R/C toys. I’ve been a fan of Hexbug for a long time, and for good reasons. Hexbug’s cool, semi-transparent colors are eye-catching and attractive, and… read more

Controlling Zoomer Dino is Easier Said Than Done

Some people may disagree, but having a dinosaur for a pet would be pretty cool. Although this isn’t Bedrock and I’m not Fred Flinstone, there’s still hope for kids with dinosaur obsessions similar to our… read more

Maisto Adds Action Cam Fun to R/C Exploits

R/C is always a popular play pattern for kids. It’s simple fun, but encourages imaginative play whether kids are playing with friends or keeping themselves busy. They get the chance to be in control of… read more