Curl Up with Care Bear Cousins from Just Play

As if Care Bears weren’t cute enough, there are some new creatures in Care-A-Lot ready to cuddle. Just Play’s new line of Care Bear Cousins plush are inspired by Care Bears and Cousins, the Netflix… read more

Have a Roaring Good Time with Thunder Stompers

Playtime is about to go back in time—all the way to the Jurassic period. Thunder Stompers let kids feel like they’re walking among dinosaurs. These 12-inch plush dinosaurs from Snap Toys make stomping, roaring, and… read more

Double the Animal Fun with FlipaZoo

Life is all about tough choices, and choosing just one toy in the toy store is easily the hardest thing in the world for most kids. But Jay at Play is making things a little… read more

Sweet Scented Pets Provide Fragrant Fun

Imagine walking into a candy store and inhaling the sugary scent of gummy candies, or going to grandma’s house and smelling her homemade chocolate chip cookies, or breathing in the fresh fragrance of slice watermelon during… read more

Light Up the Night with Glow-A-Lot Care Bears

Night lights are officially a thing of the past thanks to the cute and cuddly Glow-A-Lot Care Bears. Care Bears— the Queen Bees of the stuffed animal world— have been around for decade and constantly pull… read more

Folkmanis Puppets Make Imaginations Soar

Growing up, one of my favorite parts of playtime was pretend play (at the expense of my older sister). I loved dreaming up of all types of scenarios and acting them out in real life.… read more

The Care Bears Share a Magical Musical Experience

Are you ready for a sing-a-long? Great! Now, are you ready for the most adorable sing-a-long ever? Care Bear Sing-a-long Friends, from Just Play, are magical, animatronic plush that encourage kids to sing, share, and… read more

Spend Christmas Cuddling with a Build-A-Bear Reindeer

You’re never too old to experience the magic of building your own personal plush. Build-A-Bear gives me kids the opportunity to bring a new friend to life, making each plush pal so more than just another a stuffed animal. Instead,… read more