Budsies Brings Imagination to Life

Give kids a set of Crayola markers, crayons, or colored pencils, and they will sketch out original, unique creatures you could never even dream of. Parents with kids ages 4 to 8 likely already have… read more

Melody Mates Help Kids Drift Off to Dreamland

Melody Mates, from Juzt 4 Kidz, are a soft and comforting way for kids to get some much-needed rest after a day of learning and play. These adorable plush cushions feature a 3-D animal friend with… read more

Elf Magic Engages Kids in Christmas Tradition

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Rock On with the Rockin’ Rider Patriot Horse

I loved the rocking horse I had as a kid—it lasted through myself and my two brothers, it survived lots of moves, and it created memories of historical battles, rescuing princesses from castles, and imaginary… read more