Dance Like Royalty with Magic Dancing Sofia

Ever been invited to a Royal Ball and not know how to dance? That’s the definition of #awkward. Luckily, Just Play has the perfect solution for little princes and princesses to perfect their moves and even… read more

Get Fired Up with Spin Master’s Zoomer Marshall

Flames beware, this spotted pooch will put you out. Modeled after the fire-fighting pup from Nick Jr.’s animated series Paw Patrol, Spin Master‘s Zoomer Marshall is a walking, talking, and spinning Dalmatian that’s here to help… read more

Peppa Pig’s Holiday Plane Soars Above the Clouds

The only thing Peppa Pig loves more than jumping in muddy puddles, playing games, and dressing up is going on vacation with her family. #Trust. Peppa Pig’s Holiday Plane, from Jazwares, is an adorable toy plane… read more