Elf Magic Keeps the Magic Alive Year-Round

Elf Magic is a classic Christmas tradition that gives kids a special connection with Santa’s elves all year long. What makes this unique is that many Christmas traditions take place only during the holiday season—but… read more

Lum Lums Light-Up Friendship

Lum Lums, from Imperial Toy, is a new collection of pocket-sized dolls, pets, and accessories that light up with the magical power of friendship. When girls hold their Lum Lums by both of their hands, all… read more

Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty Isn’t Skittish

One look at Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty, from Hasbro, and I had to claim her for review. After all, she’s a cat, and I’m a total cat person. Not only that, Daisy looks like my Jilly,… read more