Say “Hello” To Hello Barbie

Everyone is familiar with the classic fashion Barbie doll. The 57-year-old blonde-haired beauty has been around since 1959, and despite her age, she still manages to remain wrinkle-free. Her name is of household status, and… read more

Doodle and Decorate with Madame Alexander’s Pixie Doodles

Typically, dolls allow kids to engage in some role-play fun and imaginative play. But Madame Alexander is bringing a new level of creativity into doll play, thanks to a partnership with Crayola. Cue Pixie Doodles Fairies, a design-your-own doll set that lets kids… read more

Let It (All) Go With Sing-A-Long Elsa

Everyone sings. Some like to sing loud and proud for the world to hear, while others (A.K.A. me) prefer to trap their vocal vibrations inside the confines of a car or bathroom shower. Whichever way you… read more